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IMT Wins Energy Efficiency Challenge
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Santa Barbara Technology Company Wins Energy Efficiency Award

Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) won the 2007 Energy-Efficiency Challenge because of its plan to implement energy efficient equipment in its Santa Barbara manufacturing facility. The contest was proposed in October at an International Facility Management Association Meeting, calling for members to plan and get

approval for energy efficiency projects. "Based on the proposal from IMT, they clearly won the contest- identifying energy savings of over $60,000 in a very short period of time," said Judge Eric Woodroof, Ph.D.

Over the course of the next year, IMT will install energy efficient equipment and complete a more in-depth energy efficiency survey, which will make their manufacturing operations more "green" and profitable. "Energy usage is often relegated to a lower priority given the many other issues in the work place. However, energy usage is an important part of our budgeting process at IMT and reduction in usage clearly has both company and societal benefits. We intend to aggressively and continuously improve our efforts to reduce usage, working both internally and with SCE on the Retro commissioning Program," said Steve Harper, IMT's Director of Facilities and Equipment Sourcing.

Mr. Harper will win a vacation prize for his efforts to get the "green" projects approved and implemented. The Energy Efficiency Challenge was created by www.GreenTravelPartners.com. GreenTravelPartners pays companies and organizations to travel "green," using the world's largest search engines.