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IMT to be Joining MicroVentures 2007 Panel

Innovative Micro Technology (IMT), the world's leading foundry/contract manufacturer for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) announced today that Monteith G. Heaton will join other MEMS industry executives and consultants on the "Making Money on MEMS" panel at MicroVentures 2007.

The panel will discuss the history and future of MEMS technology and the MEMS industry, including the prominent role played by startups, foundries and their fabless partners. The event will be held October 25, 2007 in Redwood City, California. Mr. Heaton is VP for Marketing and Sales for IMT.

About Innovative Micro Technology
IMT is the world's leading MEMS contract manufacturer/foundry partner with a diversified range of customers and products. IMT was formed in 2000, specifically to produce MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) devices. IMT's 130,000 sq ft facility contains a 30,000 sq ft Class 100 clean room/fab, the largest and best-equipped independent MEMS fab in the world. The company was built for volume manufacturing, and provides complete foundry services from design through production. IMT currently has >25 customers in diverse applications, including relays and relay arrays, drug discovery, drug delivery, biomedical implants and cell purifiers, microfluidics, displays, inertial navigation, optical telecommunications, printing, various sensors, night vision, IR emitters, telephone/DSL switching, RF devices, power management, and others. IMT's overriding goal is to partner with companies to develop and manufacturer products based on MEMS technology. Contact Theodore Chi for more information: phone (805) 681-2853; fax (805) 967-2677, email ted@imtmems.com, or visit www.imtmems.com.