IMT is located in Santa Barbara, California.  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, nestled between miles of beaches and mountains that motivates you to enjoy an active lifestyle in the beautiful natural environment.

Working for IMT will be exhilarating as you will be interacting with the top professionals in the MEMS industry — providing a fast, aggressive, results-oriented work environment that allows employees to flourish. 

Be one of the team members, and contribute to manufacturing the most complex MEMS devices in the world.  We make MEMS work.

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IMT is an equal opportunity employer, who strongly encourage women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans to apply to all of our job openings. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin, age, disability status, Genetic Information & Testing, Family & Medical Leave, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


Manufacturing Engineer

  • General Description
    • Candidate will provide engineering support to production programs in the wafer fab
    • Duties will include dispositioning of discrepant material, assisting with technician and operator training, some wafer fab processing
  • Detailed Job Duties
    • Overall support of production programs
    • Dispositioning of discrepant material
    • Assisting with technician and operator training
    • Some wafer fab processing
    • Review process control data and evaluate process for ability to meet specifications
    • Generate yield improvement ideas and implement or assist in the implementation of yield improvement activities
    • Assist in improving production efficiency, such as reduction of unneeded process steps, reduction in operation times, and reduction in tech/operator time in processing parts
    • Generate engineering change documents and generate process procedures when necessary
  • Work Experience, Education, and Physical Requirements
    • BS college degree in technical discipline or equivalent work experience in semiconductor fabrication
    • Equivalent work experience in semiconductor fabrication – 5 Years
    • Working knowledge of fab processes; MEMS experience a plus
    • Excellent technical skills, problem solving ability
    • Working knowledge of statistics and statistical quality control
    • Good verbal and communication skills
  • Job Code: 2016-MAE-09-30 [ Click to apply to this position ]

Quality Assurance Inspector

  • General Description
    • Responsible for inspecting and verifying wafer conformance to specifications
    • Receive and inspect incoming raw materials for compliance to specification
    • Package and ship wafers
    • Perform process audits and environmental testing in the clean room
  • Detailed Job Duties
    • Inspect and measure wafers from various products in clean room environment
    • Upload data to Infinity and Eyelit databases
    • Maintain inspection records and history files
    • Receive and verify raw materials
    • Audit processes as required
    • Review wafer data to specification, package and ship wafers
    • Perform environmental testing in clean room
  • Work Experience, Education, and Physical Requirements
    • 0-2 year experience in Clean Room manufacturing desired
    • Good knowledge of interpreting, revising, and improving written instructions
    • Eyelit MES, Infinity, and WIP Tracking Software experience a plus
    • Some knowledge or experience in Quality procedures required, such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and ISO 9001
    • Knowledge of MS Excel and good network navigation skills required
    • High school diploma required; AA degree preferred
    • Must be able to don and wear Personal Protective Equipment as required
  • Job Code: 2016-QAI-09-23 [ Click to apply to this position ]

Plating Engineer Summer Internship

  • General Description
    • Gains specialized knowledge of plating and plating related metrology tools
    • Performs plating bath analysis and maintains solutions at target values
    • Runs quality checks for selected Wet Etch tools
    • Ensures tools are utilized efficiently and lots are processed in a timely fashion
    • Utilizes wafer process flow - Eyelit and SPC
    • Maintains 5S protocol for assigned bay(s)
  • Detailed Job Duties
    • Position requires specialized knowledge of wet and instrumental chemical analysis
    • Electrochemistry background is a plus
    • Hands-on wet chemical analysis, instrumental AA, CVS and XRF analysis
    • Properly dispose of spent chemicals, cleans plating tools and builds new baths
    • Write Process Control Specification and Equipment Operating Instructions
    • Run start-ups and quals for plating/wet etch tools in assigned bay(s) per assigned schedule
    • Process assigned lots according to Eyelit or paper traveler instructions
  • Work Experience, Education, and Physical Requirements
    • Must be a full-time student enrolled in an engineering/science bachelors or graduate program
    • Background in analytical/instrumental chemistry
    • Background in electrochemistry wet etching and thin film deposition are a plus
    • Must have good written, verbal communication, and computer skills
    • Detail oriented and self motivated
    • Must be able to stand/walk for long periods of time and carry up to 15 lbs (infrequently)
    • Work environment:  mostly Clean room and office environment
    • Computer literate: Word, Excel, Outlook, etc
  • Job Code: 2016-PLATINT-06-01 [ Click to apply to this position ]

Production Control/Inventory Clerk

  • General Description
    • Responsible for monitoring and dispersing of manufacturing materials for production wafer fab and shipping
    • Must have flexible work schedule
  • Detailed Job Duties
    • Reports directly to Production control
    • Monitor inventory of wafer fab supplies and initiate requisitions when minimum levels are reached
    • Dispensing of manufacturing supplies as requested by production
    • Packaging and shipping product to customers and vendors
    • Controlling inventory of packaging and shipping supplies
    • Assisting production control in monitoring raw material inventory and ordering
    • Control and change out cleanroom suits
    • Assist in generating production control monitoring tools
      • Imputing data into excel spreadsheets
      • Generating graphs for monitoring
    • Support and assist in the enforcement of all company policies
    • Restocking of Wafer Fab supplies (gloves, wipes, booties, bouffants, facemasks, etc) as needed
    • Assist in Fab maintenance such as clean up areas
    • Assist engineering in special ordering of supplies
  • Work Experience, Education, and Physical Requirements
    • High school Diploma
    • 2 + years preferred in manufacturing (Clean Room) environment
    • Basic computer skills including MS Excel and Word
    • Production control experience a plus
    • Periodic lifting/moving of hardware (~30 lbs <)
    • Prior Safety Training
  • Job Code: 2016-PRODINV-05-01 [ Click to apply to this position ]

Process Development Engineer

  • General Description
    • Develop the processes for MEMS fabrication to ensure quality, cost and efficiency requirements are met
    • Troubleshoot development problems with the fabrication process and take corrective action
    • Research the purchase of equipment or upgrades to existing equipment
    • Work closely with management and customers on technical issues and problem resolution
    • Compile and present data to management and customers during product development and production.
  • Detailed Job Duties
    • Evaluate, implement and monitor wafer fabrication processes and operating lithography, vacuum, electroplating, and wet etch systems for the development and production of MEMS products
    • Create process flow and DOEs
    • Create/edit/maintain necessary documentation
    • Monitor and improve the efficiency, output and safety of manufacturing processes through observations and measurements of data
    • Work closely with other Engineers and Technicians for quality control
    • Assume responsibility for safety/environmental issues and ongoing performance of processes
    • Must be available to work all shifts
    • All other duties, as assigned
  • Work Experience, Education, and Physical Requirements
    • A minimum of 4 years hands-on experience in silicon and glass wafer processing
    • Experience with stepper-based photolithography, vacuum and wet processing, wafer to wafer bonding, microstructure electroplating
    • MEMS Testing methods, SEM and AFM characterization
    • PhD preferred but minimum of a MS/MA in a scientific discipline required
    • Great communication, interpersonal, and computer skills
    • Ability to work in both a clean room environment and office environment
    • Must be able to don and wear Personal Protective Equipment as required
  • Job Code: 2015-PDE-02-01 [ Click to apply to this position ]

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